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Remedial Massage in Chatswood

Remedial massage is designed to help improve the healing process. It is performed with different techniques depending on the type of injury. Most patients choosing to book for remedial massage are suffering from chronic pain, muscle tension or other injuries that need to be focused on.

Ampower Massage is a massage therapy centre in Chatswood, specialising in a range of techniques designed to relax patients and target pains and injuries. With every session booked, we endeavour to guide our clients through the treatment, so they understand what is happening and how it is helping with the healing process.

Make time to heal your body

We combine multiple methods of therapy to give you a full-body heal that targets your pain, tension or injury. With a session at Ampower Massage, you will experience a range of techniques including remedial, deep tissue and Swedish massage. We have a number of clients booking appointment to treat injuries, chronic pains and certain mood disorders.

At Ampower Massage, you won’t just enjoy a targeted, specialised treatment for your injuries, but we also educate and discuss with you a range of preventative methods after your session, helping you stop the pain or injury affecting you again.

Professional treatment for physical injuries

Whether you have an injury that requires treatment, or you simply want to take some time to unwind and destress, massage therapy is a trained profession that targets your stress and tension points, providing relief and rejuvenation. We offer a relaxed, tranquil environment that helps you ease into the calming frame of mind, and our massage therapist practices a variety of methods and techniques that allow you to release all that tension and stress.

If you are looking for a remedial massage therapist in Chatswood, get in touch with Ampower Massage today. Give us a call on 0410 988 661 for information on appointments and treatments. We are able to offer rebates for clients with referrals, and offer discounts to members of Fitness First Platinum gym.

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