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Swedish Massage in Chatswood

Swedish massage is a relaxation method that helps to improve the vascular system. It is performed with light to medium pressure and uses five techniques including effleurage, petrissage, tapotement (or tapping), friction, and vibration (or shaking).

At Ampower Massage, we offer quality, professional Swedish massage treatment for our clients in Chatswood. Whether you want a short session to relax your body, or a long treatment that will target every pain or tension, you can expect a personalised experience with every booking.

A healthier body and mind

Our treatments are a combination of methods and techniques, ensuring that we are targeting all your pain areas or tensions. Our professional massage therapist will discuss with you the process, as well as find out what you’re hoping for during the session. Discover a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and remedial treatment, and feel your body relax and unwind.

While many associate massage with pure relaxation, there are a number of healing properties and benefits that you will discover during a treatment. Massage can help with chronic pain, sports injuries as well as tension and certain mood disorders. Taking time to heal your mind and your body is a crucial step in a healthy lifestyle, and with Ampower Massage, you can get a soothing treatment designed to help you recover from the busyness of life.

Recover and unwind with Ampower Massage

Enjoy the therapeutic properties of Swedish massage at our Chatswood clinic. We believe in giving our clients the education and understanding surrounding this treatment, as well as offering solutions and preventative methods for sports injuries and pains. Take the time to let your body recover, and relax at Ampower Massage. You’ll leave your session feeling relaxed and in full recovery.

If you wish to enjoy a specialised treatment at Ampower Massage, get in touch with us today. Call us on 0410 988 661, or book an appointment online. We are open Tuesday to Sunday and offer discounts on gym members in Chatswood, as well as rebates for referred patients.

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